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Okay this page are for helpful links that helped me get info on Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, Grunge music, or such subjects related.
Some may contain information about the Murder Theory and if you dont believe on it or dont make sense out of it, noone is making you wanna believe it. Im just trying to help people learn more about the last great band and the last great rock star who's life was cut shortly. 
With that said i have the following links to show you info on the band that will enhance you knowledge and entertainment towards Nirvana.........enjoy.

List of ALL Nirvana songs(Click Here)

Unsurfaced videos/concerts (Click Here)

Kurt Cobain Quotes (Click Here)

Rolling Stone Magazine
Read his shirt, yup its true.........

Can you sa Ahhhhhhh ?

Nirvana was the last great Rock/Grunge band, they were known and loved worldwide until one day in april Kurt Cobain was brutally beat and shot dead. Since that day Nivana fans have started to read their lyrics and thats when they figured it out he wasent suicidal. He Loved life and his daughter, but as he said "Its better to Burn Out than to Fade Away" now this is in Honor of Nirvana.


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