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These are other bands from the generation Nirvana came out. This bands started what today is called Rock and Alternative. The following is some pics i got from friends, some of these bands still exist. I'll update on new bands I've heard off more resently like this year.

Unplugged in New York

Mudhoney in their house

Alice In Chains street shot

Pearl Jam in the street

Mudhoney in the street

Alice in Chains mugshot

Pearl Jam wallpaper

Mudhoney sign

Alice In Chains party room

! Fecal Matter !

This is Riggz and he plays the guitar and sings
Yeah look at me spin........

This is Jim he plays base
Yeah their still spinning..........

This is Danny and he plays the drums
danny spining.gif
OMG they are accually still spinning

Fecal Matter started life in 1992 as Failure to Display, With Jim on Bass and Vocals , Riggz on Guitar, and Mondo on drums. Playing our own brand of grunge.

Due to money and work problems Mondo left the band to persue a career in boring night shifts.

At the time we were rehearsing in a pub but were evicted for being too loud, causing us to be homeless, and without a drummer.

After several attempts to find a replacement for Mondo, we came across Danny who was looking to join a band.

At the time Danny was only 16, and was into Nirvana and Green Day, so we began to play cover versions of their songs.

We had almost made the decision to become a Nirvana tribute band already calling ourselves Fecal Matter when the purchase of a 4 track recorder produced some original songs from Riggz.

Friends that heard the tracks were so impressed that we began to play these songs in our set and decided to ditch the covers completely and concentrate on original material, but always stayed true to our name and still played the odd Nirvana track.

Over the years we have suffered many set-backs and losses, but are still together.

In 1999 we eventually went into a recording studio with Consumed Bass player Baz Barrett and recorded 6 tracks, 2 of which became our first single ( Make a Batch/I Feel Numb).

2000 saw us back into the studio with our first major project the Immune e.p.

2001 see's the release of the Immune e.p.

Nirvana was the last great Rock/Grunge band, they were known and loved worldwide until one day in april Kurt Cobain was brutally beat and shot dead. Since that day Nivana fans have started to read their lyrics and thats when they figured it out he wasent suicidal. He Loved life and his daughter, but as he said "Its better to Burn Out than to Fade Away" now this is in Honor of Nirvana.


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