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Okay listen up, I bet you liked my site and im happy for that, here's some of my Info >>>>
Name:Ozzy "My nickname, and its fairly close to my real name"
Location: Newark,New Jersey - USA
Hair color: Red & Black
My weakness: Telemarketers
My fears: Courtney Love gettin away with murder
Do I smoke: Yeah
Do I drink: Na
Do I swer: Yeah
Do I sing: heck no
College: Yeah i want to go
Marriage: in the future sure
Favorite instrument: Fender Jagstang
Thief: Just sometimes if i need sumething and cant pay
Liar: na not that much

Just click any of these addresess to send me mail, i log on everyday and what i enjoy more is reading what ppl think bout my website. Oh and if u got myspace u can add me,

Nirvana was the last great Rock/Grunge band, they were known and loved worldwide until one day in april Kurt Cobain was brutally beat and shot dead. Since that day Nivana fans have started to read their lyrics and thats when they figured it out he wasent suicidal. He Loved life and his daughter, but as he said "Its better to Burn Out than to Fade Away" now this is in Honor of Nirvana.


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