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these were better times before Courtney lost her mind...........

This page is very special because it concerns things people never though of but makes lots of sence. These things are not completely 100% proven, but i did my research and i believe they are here for a reason. This are the things that will bring you closer to thinking Kurt's life outside of the music and the fans, but into the "Black Zone of Kurt Cobain", enjoy.

KURT COBAIN AND THE ILLUMINATI                          
Variations of the following appears on the internet from time to time: "Evidence has come to light that the lead singer of Nirvana was a relentless foe of the Illuminati, and was killed when he came too close to the truth. In fact he went so far as to name his band after one mentioned in the "Illuminatis!" trilogy, the expose published in the mid seventies Anti-illuminati messages can be found in many Nirvana recordings, including "Smells like Teen Spirit" ("John Dillinger Died for You" can be heard when playing the record backwards)." 

Illuminati - 1. People claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a subject. "Grunge"    2. Any of various groups claiming special religious enlightenment. Such as "Satanist, Humanists, Phylosophers, or any cult/believe outside of a known religion"

So what does this tell you well point frankly that the Illuminati is a big and massive cult such as Christianity but this is a self-proclamed and only people devoted believe in this sort of stuff. It's true about the Smell Like Teen Spirit song thing,  but whoever played it backwards didnt catch the lines with John Dillinger, watch for yourself.....


- One extremely weird thing is that only days before Kurt was murdered he was in a rehabilitation center but i guess u never heard the hole name of the place well it was "Exodus Rehabilitation Center". Exodus ?  Illuminati ? all these words point to something, something very suspicious outside of what's been known that might help answer the question "Who killed Kurt Cobain ?"


Kurt Cobain & Tupac Shakur  

Under constructure....


A lil thing Kurdt, Layne Staley, and me have in common

Okay it may sound kind of lame but just check this out....

Okay my birthday is  03/22/91, Kurt's birthday was  02/20/67, Layne's birthday was 08/22/67

Do you see the pattern ? We all have the number 22 next to each other see if u take out the slash on Kurt's month u see its gonna be 22.

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Nirvana was the last great Rock/Grunge band, they were known and loved worldwide until one day in april Kurt Cobain was brutally beat and shot dead. Since that day Nivana fans have started to read their lyrics and thats when they figured it out he wasent suicidal. He Loved life and his daughter, but as he said "Its better to Burn Out than to Fade Away" now this is in Honor of Nirvana.


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